Medical Equipment


Due to the multiplicity of patients with different clinical symptoms, the need for MRIs, “Magnetic Resonance Imaging,” is an advancement in various clinical cases that can provide high-resolution images to the physician in the shortest possible time. With the help of experience and helpful information from the health professionals of Ararat you can easily face the challenges


Advice on the purchase of Radiology Devices for a variety of portable devices to fully equipped X-ray digital rooms, tailored to your needs and budget. A number of radiology devices can be upgraded whenever you want or budgeted. Ararat Health Co. can provide advanced and reliable radiology suppliers.

CT Scan

After a simple radiography, CT scan “computed tomography scan” mostly helps to examine the lesions of the human body, especially the bones. Today’s use of CT scan is an integral part of diagnosing and even in treating many diseases. Modern CT scans are so powerful that they can make images of cuts less than a millimeter away from the human body. A computer CT scan is performed from almost anywhere. From the tip of the toe to the tip of the toe, you can scan the CT and see the picture of the cross-section of the body in those sections, the specialists of Ararat Health will correct your expectations by choosing


With the recent advances in the field of medical equipment, in particular diagnostic devices such as digital radiography and the use of these devices, intelligent and advanced software for creating 3D images, it is possible to detect the timely diagnosis of various lesions. “Mammography” is one of the most common techniques Imaging for early diagnosis of breast lesions in women, Ararat Health Co., with the availability of supply channels for this device, will be the perfect choice for your buying advice.


We believe that only the best image quality can lead to a quick and reliable diagnosis. Each unique imaging technology provides good image quality with noise reduction, signal boost and improved visual features. Pictures that are crisp and consistent with a wide variety of clinical examinations, along with specialized tools, assures you that you can always get quick and reliable diagnostic responses using ultrasound ultrasonography products of the new generation

Electrocardiographs ECG

ECG stands for the term electrocardiogram or electrocardiograph. This term is called EKG in some countries. Electrocardiograms are used to diagnose many cardiovascular and non-cardiac disorders, such as abnormal heart rhythms, coronary artery disease, heart attacks, heart muscle hypertrophy, causes of shortness of breath, electrolyte disturbances, and medications. An electrocardiogram is a painless method that records the electrical activity of the heart. ECG is one of the safest and easiest to give physicians valuable card information. Ararat Health has always had a great deal of contact with its manufacturers inside and outside the country.


Electroencephalography or Electroencephalography is the recording of electrical activity in the brain, this technique involves receiving a signal by surface electrodes, improving the signal, usually amplifying and eliminating noise, printing the signal, and analyzing it. What is printed on paper is called electroencephalogram. Clinical EEG machines usually include 8, 16 or 32 channels. As a rule, 20 electrodes are placed on the patient’s head, which brings the vital potential to a pre-amplifier. The consultants and specialists of Ararat Health Company are ready to offer you the best option for your purchase.


Cosmetics & Sanitary


The use of cosmetics in order to preserve beauty has long been the focus of human attention, but today, the increasing consumption of these types of products has made the cosmetics industry one of the most prosperous and attractive industries in the world, quality cosmetic products with well-established certificates always have the attention of Iranian consumers and importers has been

Skin Care

Currently, skin care products have been subjected to claims such as cellular regeneration, supportive tissues and skin regeneration, so the boundary between drugs and cosmetic products for skin care is somewhat unclear, so organic products have become more prominent. Because of the special process of production, they are more expensive than other products, and this has led some manufacturers to use this name without the necessary requirements, it is suggested that, according to investigations of Asco’s experts, companies and brands that intend to enter To the Iranian market, take advantage of the helpful information of our consultants they are

Skin Protection

Due to the presence of intense sunlight in most areas, as well as air pollution in large cities of Iran and its destructive effects on the skin, and because polluted air contains particles of hydrocarbon, sulfur, lead and particles, it stimulates the skin and, on the other hand, Facial, especially around the eyes and hands, in direct contact with the air, is more harmful to the rest of the body and suffers from eczema sensitivities. Just a few important reasons are enough for Iran to be a good market for consuming products that clean and protect the skin, Asco’s experts have been able to find useful information in this regard with good research done in this regard to reward

Laser Therapy

While Light Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation is pleased with the multiplier growth in sales of our products in recent years, there are more reasons for happiness. Indeed, lasers surround our everyday lives, and eventually ourselves in the world and politics will show. At present, the pressure on the medical community is to benefit from the long-term benefits of laser therapy by reducing treatment costs and increasing efficiency, but the high price of lasers in the short term will have problems. While laser plays a significant role in the developing world, the developing world has also been instrumental in increasing the incomes of laser manufacturers in the medical arena

Business Representative Granting

Thanks to our professional team in Medical, Technical, Beauty, Marketing, Civil, IT and Finance fields, and having had business collaborations with some of the largest distribution and sale organizations in Iran; ASCO Company would now be pleased to be granted agency by accredited brands in the fields of Medical Equipment, Cosmetics, and health care products


Thanks to our professional team in Medical, Technical, Beauty, Marketing, Civil, IT and Finance fields, and having had business collaborations with some of the largest distribution and sale organizations in Iran; ASCO Company would now be pleased to be granted agency by accredited brands in the fields of Medical Equipment, Cosmetics, and health care products

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