The most important difference between the method of execution and the procedure describes the process of executing a process, while the instruction is a guide. Execution methods are more general than guidelines. The instructions describe the exact steps required to do the work, in the implementation of the provisions or provisions of the law, in whole or in particular, the preparation and adjustment and notification. These guidelines, sometimes required by the specialist authority or the ministry of ministries, are known in the Iranian administrative culture under the name of the executive code. Principles are divided into two parts. The administrative instructions and technical instructions of Ararat salamat co. (ASCO) By publishing the relevant guidelines, take an effective step to expedite your business.


In the general sense, the purpose of the law is all the rules laid down by one of the competent organizations of the state. It may be the legislative branch, the head of state or an executive branch. Therefore, in the generic meaning of a wide range of regulations is referred to as the law and includes all parliamentary decrees, decrees, regulations, and administrative letters. Ararat salamat co. (ASCO) is trying to take effective steps to expedite your business by publishing relevant laws

Knowledge and Terminology Base

Given that the range of terms and vocabulary used in the medical equipment industry and cosmetic products is very high, we sometimes “use some terms without knowing the meaning and usefulness of it for themselves or others. Perhaps this is not at all important for many and they are already satisfied with the generic use of the term and doing it without knowing its origin and root, but perhaps it would be interesting and attractive for you to know about it. Ararat Salamat Company (ASCO) has decided to bring you this extra “Knowledge” to its Cosmetics & Sanitary products and Medical Equipment sections

Scientific Articles

The scientific paper is usually prepared and published in the result of a rational, profound, and focused theoretical, practical, or mixed research, with the efforts of one or more people in a new subject with a new approach to obtaining new results. Such an essay is in fact a report that the researcher gains from scientific findings and the results of his research efforts for the use of other researchers, experts and enthusiasts. As the researcher needs to prioritize the research, it is necessary to pay attention to the scientific findings of the researchers before him in order to expand his scientific findings, others should be able to access his research findings and use it They organize their scientific activities, try to improve and complete it. Healthcare Ararat salamat co. (ASCO) publishes all articles with the main sources and sources with the names of the researchers themselves on this site

Introduction of Scientific and Applied Books

People who read books have a richer vocabulary than those who do not. They can better express their feelings and achieve their own point of view. Therefore, it can be concluded that the book reader is more successful than others in speaking and in other activities of their everyday life. In the Book introduction section, Ararat Salamat co, (ASCO) is trying to bring world-class influential scientific works/papers as well as books presented by Iranian professors to the respected readers of the relevant sections.

Green Health Partnership

Increased health insecurity and environmental threats are one of the concerns of humankind, which requires a global partnership. Looking at the history of prevention, it can be seen that throughout the history, not much attention has been dedicated to this aspect of health and the main emphasis has been put on therapeutic drugs, which is not only specific to the producers, but also clearly evident in the general public’s demands. In fact, human beings have focused solely on its therapeutic role, rather than on the prophylactic role of drugs, as they sought treatment rather than prevention. The problem with prevention is that it has never been considered as a solution to many of the health problems and barriers, and that this neglect has been ongoing by both people and governments, with the highest emphasis and attention focusing on healing medicines and treatments. Past history teaches us that health theories and recommendations, rather than focusing on similar recommendations and tactics, should integrate the concept that health promotion and prevention are key points and factors for the development of green and sustainable health, and view it as the leading core of their program.
In accordance with the policy and attitude of (ASCO) Ararat salamat Company, education and participation in sustainable health can be done in a variety of ways and in different situations. Methods such as using mass media, teachers and professors, consultants, physicians, charity groups and in situations or contexts such as work environments, hospitals, schools, offices, and so on. Studies have shown that about 70% to 80% of people think that science is one hundred percent accurate and documented, while in reality only 20% of tests and medical practice cases can be verified with solid scientific evidence, and only 10% of people believe that they themselves have an active role to play in relation to their doctor and health. Obviously, in the near future, with unlimited demand for medical and therapeutic services, predictive and preventive medicine, priority situations and also with open and non-public rationalization of health services will be faced. Hence, it is essential to have a complete, all-inclusive and correct strategy to interact with the consumer in making informed decisions